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Carry On Films 

carry on films with gatwick gangsters

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 The Carry On series of 30 British comedy films was released between 1958 and 1978,
produced by Peter Rogers with director Gerald Thomas.
The humour of Carry On was in the British comic tradition of music hall and bawdy seaside postcards.

How many Carry On films are there altogether?
Thirty-one films The series' humour relied largely on innuendo and double entendre.
There were thirty-one films, four TV Christmas specials, one television series of thirteen episodes, and three West End and provincial stage plays,
all made on time and to a strict budget.

 Carry on Camping

 Who appeared in Carry On films most?
The most prolific were the neurotic Kenneth Williams (26 appearances),
the libidinous Sid James (19)
and the campy Charles Hawtrey (23),
while there was formidable female support from Joan Sims (24),
Hattie Jacques (14) and Barbara Windsor (10).

 Carry on Casts

carry on films with gatwick gangsters

Is anyone still alive from Carry On films?
Many of the famous regular cast have now passed away, with Dame Barbara Windsor dying at the age of 83.
Her death has left means that there is just one of the regular cast members still alive 62 years after the series started.
The final surviving regular actor who had a lead role in the films is Jim Dale

 Carry on Screaming

 The sinister Dr Watt has an evil scheme going.
He's kidnapping beautiful young women and turning them into mannequins to sell to local stores.

Was Barbara Windsor in Carry On Screaming?
There's no Sid James, Barbara Windsor or Hattie Jacques for this one, but most of the regular actors appear,
with Harry H. Corbett joining the cast for the first and only time.
The film is a parody of the Hammer Horror film's that were also massively popular during the 50s and 60s.

 Carry on Cleo

 Two Britons, Hengist Pod and Horsa, are captured by the Romans and taken to Rome.
However, things take a turn when Hengist is mistaken for a fighter in Rome.

Where was Carry on Cleo made?
The costumes and sets used in the film were originally intended for Cleopatra (1963)
before that production moved to Rome and rebuilt new sets there.
Carry On Cleo was filmed between 13 July and 28 August 1964.

Is Barbara Windsor in Carry on Cleo?
However this film contains style, and substance.
Most of the regulars are here, notable faces missing include Barbara Windsor and Hattie Jacques.

 Carry on Abroad

carry on films with gatwick gangsters

 The `Carry On' regulars embark on a package holiday to the Spanish resort of Elsbels.
The revellers find that the Palace Hotel hardly lives up to its name - not least because the builders have not yet finished erecting the place.

Where did they film Carry On Abroad?
Filming and locations Bagshot, Surrey: Road to the airport. Pinewood Studios: Elsbels hotel interior and exterior scenes.

Carry on Doctor
A British advocate (Frankie Howerd) of mind over matter lands in a hospital where nobody minds and nothing matters.

What hospital was Carry on Doctor filmed?
Maidenhead Town Hall Carry On Doctor | 1967

The disappointingly named 'Borough County Hospital' (they hadn't got the whole silly name thing down yet) is Maidenhead Town Hall, St Ives Road in Maidenhead,
a town on the River Thames, in Berkshire, west of London –
and, importantly, not far from Pinewood Studios.

Who was the nurse in Carry on Doctor?
Anita Harris Carry on Doctor (1967) - Anita Harris as Nurse Clarke - IMDb.

 Carry on up the Khyber

carry on films with gatwick gangsters

Classic `Carry On' set in India during the 1890s.
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond is looking after the British outpost near the Khyber Pass.
Protected by the kilted Third Foot and Mouth regiment, you'd think they were safe, but the Khasi of Kalabar has other ideas.

Why was Jim Dale Not in Carry On Up The Khyber?
Jim DALE, star of 11 Carry On films, offended his fellow actors when he declined to play Ug Ug in Carry On Up
The Jungle because he wanted to broaden his horizons.
Some of them later boycotted his This Is Your Life tribute in protest.

Where was Carry On Up The Khyber?
The scenes on the North West Frontier were filmed beneath the summit of Snowdon in North Wales.
The lower part of the Watkin Path was used as the Khyber Pass with garrison and border gate.
In September 2005, a plaque was unveiled in Snowdonia to mark the spot of where the film was shot.

Why wasn't Barbara Windsor in Carry On Behind?

carry on films with gatwick gangsters
Sidney James and Barbara Windsor were out of the British Isles at the time of filming.
James was touring Australia in the play "The Mating Season" and Windsor was touring New Zealand with her variety showcase
"Carry On Barbara!".

Why was Phil Silvers in a Carry On film?
Phil Silvers replaced Sidney James in the role of Sgt. Nocker, which had been originally written for James;
it turned out that James could not do the film due to commitments on George and the Dragon (1966).
About two weeks into the filming of this picture James suffered a mild heart attack

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